" As we gather today, we look into the third decade of the 25th century. Of all the possible futures we have chosen one where the word Humanity is used as a weapon. Since the turning of the last millennium mankind has boldly marched forward into a future it was ill prepared for. We borrowed from our children, and our children’s children, planning to one day set the record straight, to clear the debt of our excess. But, the great technology singularity never came, and we were left with progress that we could not pay for… The result? War, Genocide, Ultraphage, Injustice.

As we descended into chaos and villainy we called out to the stars for help, only to find them silent. The void beyond quiet, the Kuiper belt a wall of rock and ice that marks the edge of our prison. And so we remain here, huddled next to our Sun, with only the company of each other. There is no escape for those like us, friend and foe, our families. We remain here in the future we have made… Oppression and cruelty to remind us that mistakes have been made.

Now, more than ever, we need hope. A new outlook. A new future. A new Earth.

The Organization for a New Earth embraces Humanity, in all its forms. You are here because it is time to set right the mistakes of our parents. No longer will we stand idle while evil reigns over the inner planets and R.A.M. corporations continue to strangle the last bit of hope from Earth, our once blue home. You have signed up because it is time for us to unite and call back out into the darkness, not in pain, but in triumph. With the help of you recruits, we will again know freedom. We will breath unfiltered air. We will bring Humanity back to_ all_ Humans, from the Venusian lowlands, to the Badlands of Mars. O.N.E. was turned you all into agents of change. You are the best hope for all of us.

It will be hard work. This is not a game. There is no prize.

Congratulations Cadets. You’ve graduated.

Remember, it’s not good enough to fight for a better tomorrow… lets fight for the best"
— Cpt. Anthony “Buck” Rogers. (1951-2429)


Countdown to Doomsday XXVc

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