Generally speaking, the term Cyborg refers to an individual with mechanical replacements that require serious and invasive alterations to their nervous system. While an individual may have a robotic limb, or eye, this alone does not qualify for the title. Most cyborgs have “improved” on their bodies beyond the realm of a mere replacement.Cyborg

Due to lack of research, there have been very few incidences of Gennie cyborgs.

  • Enhanced: With the GM’s blessing, the Player May chose up to +3 points in Racial Bonuses. These bonuses represent systems that will fail once two wounds have been taken.
  • Free d6 in Repair: Cyborgs have learned to upkeep their own bodies
  • Psionic Resistance:
    The nervous system of a Cyborg has been altered.
    Psionic powers are at +2 difficultly when targeting a cyborg.
    Cyborgs may not take the Psionics Edge.
  • Electrical Susceptibility: Cyborgs suffer an additional
    d6 damage when struck by electricity. This die may Ace.
  • Half Man- Half-Machine: Cyborgs lack some of the ability to heal naturally. A
    Repair roll is required to treat any injury past the first wound. Each Repair roll requires 1d6 hours of work. They may not take the Fast Healer Edge.


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