Desert Runner

Desert Runners-

Desert Runners are a genetically modified race of people who call the unwanted cold dry parts of Mars their home. Originally created by the Russo-American Alliance (R.A.M.) for the terraforming and mining of Mars, they now live self reliant in communities on the planet’s surface. The Desert Runner genotype was designed by one genetics company, which was then sold to various food divisions of RAM as herd guardians. Each division wanted its herbivores to prosper, so specific runners were instilled with a fierce sense of territory centered around a particular herd. There are roughly seven subtypes, distinguished by fur color and pattern but otherwise physically identical. They are aggressive, not only between types, but also within their group.Desert runner

Physically they are large humanoids with features that can best be described as feline, vulpine, or ursine (depending on subtype) with a basic human form. Generally, they are lean and tall with about four times the body hair of an average unmodified human. This silky “mane” of hair covers the head and upper body, often decorated with braids and interwoven trinkets.

Perhaps one of the most dramatic features of a desert runner is that the ankle joint of their massive feet are raised significantly off the ground making conventional boots impossible to wear. The body is elongated and light, its legs able to propel the desert runner by great leaps over the sands. Webed toes, covered with tufts of hair, make ideal “sandshoes.”

The chest is deep and covered with powerful muscles, the lungs and heart are designed for maximum efficiency. A silky “mane” of hair covers the head and upper body, often decorated with braids and interwoven trinkets.
  • Base Pace: 8/10 If on all fours.
  • Size +1 (Toughness and Strength go up a level) Desert runners have great stature.
  • +4 to resist cold
  • Outsider (-2 to Charisma Checks)
  • Stubborn (major): This stubborn individual always wants his way and never made a mistake he tries to justify it with half-truths and rationalizations.

Desert Runner

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