Gear, Weapons, and Ammo

Gear, Weapons and Ammo are handled in a simplified fashion for Countdown to doomsday.

Typically in role playing games there is some confusion as to how much a character can carry, and how it effects them as they carry it. Countdown to Doomsday handles items in a non-traditional way.

All Gear is divided into two different types: Major and Minor.

Minor Gear is typical everyday stuff that is a hassle to mention on a character sheet. This includes things like multi-tools, matches, communicators,playing cards and the like. A piece of minor gear just about any item that weighs less than 5lbs and costs less than $100. All characters are equipped with the minor gear needed to use any of their skills. For example, if a character has the Knowledge Demolitions skill, then having a set of wire cutters would be a fair assumption. Gamblers may have loaded die, A Scientist may have a data pad, A Doctor may have some basic antibiotics. Minor Gear is meant to speed up game play.

Major gear are larger/more expensive items that have influence on the game. These include weapons, armor, grenades large pieces of equipment and the like. A character may carry the die size of the strength or vigor in Major Gear. If a character has a 6d, then they make carry 6 majors pieces. Some smaller similar items can be bundled into groups and considered as one item.

A major gear load out may look like – (Space Suit, Laser Pistol, Disruptor Carbine, (3)Grenades, Repair Kit, Wreckage of a Robot).

Items that do take up much physical space do not count against your limit. (Software, handkerchief, luck coin)


Typical Savage worlds games have players counting their ammo shot by shot. This is useful for knowing exactly when weapons are out of juice, but tedious for GMs and Players to keep track of.

In this game, it is assumed that the player character is shooting and reloading constantly. When the player elects to shoot their weapon it is assumed that it is discharged a few times that round. When the character rolls a 1 (or sometimes a 2) on the shooting die, they must make a “dramatic reload” before firing that weapon again. A Dramatic reload takes one action.

In Countdown to doomsday we will be using paper clips to be gauging how much ammo the player has left. Each player will get three red paper clips and one white paper clip to represent the ammo carried for all weapons. Each Dramatic Reload takes one paper clip away. When the player only has the white paper clip left, they are down to their last few shots. The next “shooting” or “Throwing” action will use these last paperclip. These last shots are all at +2 to hit and damage. “Make em’ Count”

Note that this system favors those with a high shooting skill, as they are less likely to have need to dramatically reload. (Rolling a 1 on a d4 is easier than rolling a 1 on a d10).

Ammo “Clips” can be bought for $50 a piece. Ammo can be traded between players if they are using similar weapons. Extra Ammo (3 Clips) may take up one of your Major Gear allotments.


Gear, Weapons, and Ammo

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