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The setting of XXVc is a possible future of the real universe that we live in. In the year 1999, the Soviet Union and the United States are involved on the “Last Gasp War.” This is the world’s first nuclear war.

This war causes many governments of Earth to abandon conventional warfare and embrace large alliances. Three of these alliances that grow to be superpowers are the Russo-American Mercantile (“RAM”), the Indo-Asian Consortium (“IAC”), and the Euro-Bloc Faction (“EBF”). In the latter half of the 21st century, these three alliances jointly form the System States Alliance (“SSA”) for the purposes of exploring and colonizing the solar system. Slowly, the SSA begins to terraform the inner planets. Mars is colonized by RAM, Luna is colonized by EBF, and Venus is controlled by IAC.

The main method of interplanetary travel from this time onward is the rocket ship. These vessels use fusion reactions to power the ship throughout its entire voyage. Rocket ships usually can range from 5 to 500 tons.

In the year 2275, RAM revolts against Earth and gains independence. Furthermore, because of Earth’s dependence on the other planets for resources, RAM begins to dominate Earth. In 2310, refugees from Earth begin to colonize Mercury. In the next century, the asteroid belt and Jupiter begin to be settled. The human DNA is modified with genes from various animals, resulting in genetically modified humans commonly known as “gennies.” These play a role in the settlement of Venus, Mars, Jupiter and also of many asteroids and moons.

In the first half of the 25th century, certain Terrans (inhabitants of Earth) form the Organization for a new Earth(O.N.E.). This society plans to rebel against the rule of RAM and restore Earth to its former glory.

Character Creation

Gennies and Cyborgs:

Desert Runner
Venusian Lowlander
Pleasure Gennie

Planets and Their Organizations:

The Moon (Luna)
The Asteroid Belt
The Outer Planets

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