Mercury was colonized by refugees from Earth after the revolt of RAM. Closest to the sun it is possible that “The Sun Kings” have turned Mercury into the richest planet in the system. The Sun Kings built giant satellite mariposas to harvest light from the Sun which they convert to energy. They then resell this energy to other planets and deliver the energy by RF beams.

The wealthy of Mercury live on the Mariposas. Each satellite is uniquely designed, with its own baroque flavor and decor. Many of the rich enjoy dressing up in styles from ancient earth. The Mariposas also have the largest number of holidays per year. Each one is an excuse for wild
parties and parades.

Miners occupy underground warrens where they excavate metals from the planet. Others occupy “track cities,” large vehicles that travel the surface of the planet and stay precisely on the terminator to keep the temperature bearable.

The Sun Kings are largely of African and Middle-Eastern decent. There are three of them that rule like old Earth sultans, one from each of the massive solar factories; each with their own personalities, likes and dislikes. Often at each other’s throats the Sun Kings’ temperaments often cause waves on the system’s energy market. However, whenever challenged the Sun Kings always unite into one unified entity until the threat has passed.


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