Stormriders are extremely genetically engineered to survive in Jupiter’s harsh atmosphere in floating cities. Almost without exception, Stormriders, spend their entire lived in the atmosphere of Jupiter. A lone unnamed scientist is responsible for their creation 150 years ago. Extensive engineering have left them too frail for space travel but well suited for the exploration and exploitation of Jupiter’s natural resources. Their cites are vast, open structures of livening balloons, domes, and spinnerets, riding the boundary layers of atmospheric pressure. From here is where they sell harvested material to the outer worlds. Little is known of their technology or social structure, and these topics are the subject of great debate, and they do not tell their secrets.

Physically, Stormriders look like thin, bald humans with no ears and elongated facial features. Their large compound eyes can best be described as insectiod in function and appearance. Stormriders also sport membranes that stretch from their backs to allow for gliding through the atmosphere.It is said that they are mute, but speak telepathically.

Stormriders are an NPC Race



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