Venusian Lowlander

Lowlanders are a race of genetically modified Humans that call the surface of Venus their home. Especially designed by the Indo-Asian Consortium (I.A.C), Lowlanders produce a valuable commodity, Gravitol, that is essential to space travel as it aids in surviving long periods of weightlessness. They tend the new fauna on modestly terraformed Venus, and can withstand high temperatures and breathe chlorinated gas. This however requires them to wear breathing apparatus when outside of their homelands. Going without their native environment or a breather for more than minutes at a time can be deadly.

Lowlanders are supremely well adjusted; they like the way they are, they enjoy the weather, and they think their culture is wonderful, but they do not like change of any sort. This includes plans by the “Uplanders” to terraform the entire surface of Venus thus making it uninhabitable for themselves and deadly to the Lowlanders. For this reason, Lowlanders have become very belligerent when non-Lowlanders enter their domain unless someone can convince them that the visitors mean no harm.

Physically, Lowlanders have a slightly serpentine appearance. Most have black hair with some facial ridges and green to yellowish skin. Special genetic alterations in their eyes occasionally cause odd colored reflections. Extra vertebrae allow them to turn their heads 180 degrees much like owls.Lowlander

  • Thermal Vision: Lowlanders have specialize eyes to see in the clouds of Venus.
  • Tough Skin: (+1 to Toughness) Lowanders skin is designed to handle the acid rain of Venus.
  • +4 to Resist Heat
  • Semi-aquatic: (gain Fatigue level every 15 minutes he holds his breath. On reaching
    Incapacitated, must make a Vigor roll every minute or drown. Fatigue recovers one level
    per 15 minutes back in air.)
  • Outsider (-2 Charisma)
  • Exotic Atmosphere Breather:

Although all the major races breathe the same atmosphere,
not every gennie comes from a homeworld with a similar
mix of gases. Your hero cannot breathe without a bubble
helmet or breathing mask and a regular supply of air
tablets suited to his particular biology.

The hero begins to suffocate if he is exposed to any atmosphere other than his own. He must
make a Vigor roll each round of exposure or suffer a level of Fatigue. An Incapacitated character dies in a number of rounds equal to half his Vigor.
If someone can provide him with his natural atmosphere within five minutes of death, he can
be resuscitated with a Healing roll at –4. Once your hero is breathing his own atmosphere, he
recovers one Fatigue level every five minutes.

Venusian Lowlander

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