Pleasure Gennie

Pleasure gennies primarily hail from the rich Mariposas on Mercury, where they have been custom built to suit the tastes of their makers/owners. ). They are designed to fill roles such actor, musician, companion, or prostitute. The most common version is based on the human genotype which has been enhanced with improved physical beauty and social skills.

Pleasure gennies, are capable of reproducing naturally, and on extremely rare occasions have accidentally produced offspring with a human, usually Terrans. Those gennies involved in the sex industry are generally sterilized to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Pleasure gennies do not have a culture of their own. Their cultural habits are absorbed from the role they fill. In all cases, however, they are very astute at reading body language and understanding subtle verbal queues.

Because of their design, they have a tendency do everything in deliberate, sensual motions. They have an annoying habit of unconsciously making seductive advances when speaking to anyone whose body language tells them that the person is attracted to them.

Physically, pleasure gennies look like attractive Humans with only traces of their heritage revealed from their cosmetic customizations. Exotic colored hair and eyes along with exaggerated gender traits (square jaw and shoulders, curvy hips or large breasts) are not uncommon. Pleasure gennies designed for carnal activities may have extended tongues or “enhanced” genitalia. Gennie

  • Charismatic: (+2 Charisma)
  • Keen Sense of Smell: (+2 On any situation using scent) Pleasure gennies are adapted to pick up on pheromones resulting in an overall sensitivity to oders.
  • Mind Reading: Pleasure gennies have an uncanny ability to anticipate other’s needs. They have 5 power points which regenerate at the rate of 1 per hour.

Rank: Novice Power Points: 1 Range: Smarts Duration: 3 (1/round)

Mind reading allows a Pleasure Gennie to read the minds of others. With a successful Spirt roll,
the gennie reads the target’s current surface thoughts. Such an intrusion goes unnoticed as
they are only receiving broadcast signals.

  • Poverty: All pleasure gennies start owning very little. Most of them have relied on their owners for life necessities. Pleasure players start with ½ of the initial funds and are prone to mishandle money.
  • Loyal: Programed to be of service and to not rebel, Pleasure gennies are very loyal to those they have imprinted on. They may not be heroic, but they will give their lives for friends.
  • Emotional: Pleasure Gennies suffer -2 to their Sprit checks vs intimidation and -2 to their Smarts checks vs taunting. This is a result of genetic alterations to make them docile

Pleasure Gennie

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